Baikalsky DOK is the roundwood processing and planer facility located in the Republic of Buryatiya, Russia.

The annual capacity of Baikalsky DOK is 100,000 m3 of planed timber products used in decking, cladding, flooring, internal decoration, and applied for the construction and repair purposes.

The process technology was designed to produce a broad range of the planed finished products, ready to use.

The construction of the facility started in August 2013, that is scheduled to start the production in Q4 2014.

Baikalsky DOK is a member of Lesnaya Birzha Group, that is the priority investment project in the forestry sector of the Russian Federation.

The status of the priority investment project was granted to Lesnaya Birzha by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and long-term leases of forest areas were provided.

Lesnaya Birzha has long-term rights to harvest over 500,000 m3 of roundwood per year for 49 years.

Long-term roundwood supplies to Baikalsky DOK are secured by the harvesting rights of Lesnaya Birzha.

The firm’s strategy is based on the following milestones:

- Long-term stable supplies of roundwood

- High quality of Siberian roundwood

- Cutting edge technology and equipment from leading global manufacturers

- Broad product line

- Experienced team of managers

- Priority status and support from the government authorities